A Boatload of Naked Germans

Valalta, have been there ages agoo. Such an wonderful place!

The Meandering Naturist

So that’s a thing!

When we were here at Valalta ten years go with our teenage children I remember seeing a flyer for the “FKK Fish Picnic.” FKK, of course, is the German nomenclature for naked (Usually naturism, but be careful – sometimes sex clubs!) But at the time, it seemed pricey, and a day floating around the Adriatic – naked – was not getting high marks from our adolescent offspring.

IMG_7954 Swimming at the Fish Picnic

But now, the nest is empty, so I say, “Let’s give this a whirl!”

Seems there must be a few regulars on this excursion as the boat was packed by the time we got there about 15 minutes before departure, mainly with naked Germans. Clearly, I have no issue with naked, and I have many friends who are German, so the only reason this is noteworthy is that there is most certainly a propensity…

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Why male nudity is frowned upon

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Tha Naked I


I have another guest blogging today, this time it’s fellow bloggers & friends Naturally Male, who have featured me and my art on their site not long ago. They chose to write about an interesting topic, hope you like it ! Here’s a few words from them before the article : 

We are the bloggers of @naturallymale, and our blog celebrates the nude male body from head-to-toe.  Our view of the male body mirrors that of Tha Naked I—They are works of art and beauty.  He first contacted us about featuring his work on our blog, and we wholeheartedly agreed.  The result was one of our most popular posts, Nude Artist: Tha Naked I.  We all agreed to collaborate on future projects. Tha Naked I invited us to write a post for this blog on a topic of our choice.  What follows is our brief take on…

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