A Boatload of Naked Germans

Valalta, have been there ages agoo. Such an wonderful place!

The Meandering Naturist

So that’s a thing!

When we were here at Valalta ten years go with our teenage children I remember seeing a flyer for the “FKK Fish Picnic.” FKK, of course, is the German nomenclature for naked (Usually naturism, but be careful – sometimes sex clubs!) But at the time, it seemed pricey, and a day floating around the Adriatic – naked – was not getting high marks from our adolescent offspring.

IMG_7954 Swimming at the Fish Picnic

But now, the nest is empty, so I say, “Let’s give this a whirl!”

Seems there must be a few regulars on this excursion as the boat was packed by the time we got there about 15 minutes before departure, mainly with naked Germans. Clearly, I have no issue with naked, and I have many friends who are German, so the only reason this is noteworthy is that there is most certainly a propensity…

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Author: Bepa

Married 60 years old sparetime nudist. Member of GermanNudistFederation DFK.org Follower with mostly sexual/pornographic content will be BLOCKED! Nudism/Naturism is NOT Porn! https://www.naktiv.net/members/bepaball https://twitter.com/BepaBall http://bepa-ball.tumblr.com https://www.instagram.com/bepaballs/

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