Naturist Trail/Path Undeloh

18 August 2021

On the way back from my Nakation at the nudist campsite at Rosenfelder Strand, I “had” to make a detour to the LĆ¼neburger Heide to hike the naturist trail/path in Undeloh (one of two official nude hiking trails in Germany) once again.
Luckily it’s not too much of a diversion, because unfortunately I didn’t have much time. That’s why I didn’t take any photos on the hike, only a few snapshots at the car park at the starting point of the hike. You can find some photos of the Naturist Trail in my post about my hike last year: Naturistenweg Undeloh

Using my Nordic walking poles, I needed just under 80 minutes for the 10 km long route consisting of gravel paths, trails, farm tracks, and a few small paths.

The access road and entrance to the small forest car park at the starting point.
Obviously, not everyone likes the naturist path, so that attempts were made years ago to make the parking sign unrecognisable.
The entrance/exit to the small forest car park.
The second entrance/exit of the small car park. My car waiting for me with the tailgate open. šŸ˜‰
The large sign on the right shows the course of a circular cycle path, the small sign is the signpost for the Naturist Path.
The signpost and map of the Naturist Path
The starting point, the first trail marker (A yellow “N” on trees and signposts).
Let’s go!