Lebe so, dass die AFD etwas dagegen hat!

Live in such a way that the AFD has something against it!

Fuck Nazis! Hate Racism!

Broilers – »Alice und Sarah«

Election 2020

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Dear citizens and voters
of the United States,
you had your fun.
We all laughed.

And now vote today
for a real president!

Greetings, the world’s population

#ElectionDay #Election2020 #Elections2020 #ElectionNight #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris #BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica #VoteHimOut


Rumors have been circulating that the clothing optional section of Blind Creek Beach is in trouble. This St. Lucie County haven for naturists has openly thrived since 2014. Sheriff deputies tolerantly patrol and Treasure Coast Naturists (TCN) board members regularly consult with County Commissioners and staff. So what is really happening and why is the nude beach imperiled? The following will summarize conditions that are compelling a political fight in Florida’s State capital. Your help in the form of legal defense donations is needed to fund this battle…

Broilers – »Ihr da oben« Das Video/The video

The well known german punk band “Broilers” has released a very emotional video for their song “Ihr da oben” (you in heaven).
Fans were asked to send in photos of their beloved deceased and from these photos the video was created.
Also photos of my deceased daughter, which I sent in, can be seen in the video.

Die bekannte deutsch Punkband “Broilers” hat zu ihrem Song “Ihr da oben” (you in heaven) ein sehr emotionales Video veröffentlicht.
Fans waren aufgefordert Fotos ihrer geliebten Verstorbenen einsenden und aus diesen Fotos wurde das Video kreiert.
Auch Fotos meiner verstorbenen Tochter, welche ich eingesandt hatte, sind in dem Video zu sehen.

#RestInPeace #RIP #MissYouSoMuch #Broilers #IhrDaOben #YouInHaeven #Emotion

Social nudity in San Francisco

A couple prepares to take part in the 2011 San Francisco edition of the World Naked Bike Ride. This is prior to the 2012 passage of SF Police Code § 154.

San Francisco for over a century, allowed unrestricted public nudity. The city opted to regulate it in a 2012 decision by requiring a police-issued parade permit for such displays of public nudity. Indeed, repeat offenders were criminalized. This decision received some national press coverage….

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the legendary Ledges of Vermont

Active Naturists

naturist 0001 Ledges at Harriman Reservoir, Vermont, USA

They might be legendary only in a relatively narrow circle among those who like nude recreation, but the Ledges in Vermont was one of the first naturist locations I heard of in the US, and this place is certainly worth the hype.  The Ledges represent flat rocks situated on the Eastern shore of the Harriman Reservoir.

naturist 0000 Ledges at Harriman Reservoir, Vermont, USA

The lake is mostly surrounded by forest, so the shores are green, and the water is very clean (the bottom is dark though, so it makes the water look dark too). So the Ledges give an impression of a pristine place, despite being very popular and quite crowded on weekends – the parking lot was full, and quite a few people arrived by boats.

naturist 0001 Ledges at Harriman Reservoir, Vermont, USA

The name of Harriman is already associated with naturist activities for me, because of numerous naked hikes that we’ve done in Harriman State Park in New York, but…

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A Boatload of Naked Germans

Valalta, have been there ages agoo. Such an wonderful place!

The Meandering Naturist

So that’s a thing!

When we were here at Valalta ten years go with our teenage children I remember seeing a flyer for the “FKK Fish Picnic.” FKK, of course, is the German nomenclature for naked (Usually naturism, but be careful – sometimes sex clubs!) But at the time, it seemed pricey, and a day floating around the Adriatic – naked – was not getting high marks from our adolescent offspring.

IMG_7954 Swimming at the Fish Picnic

But now, the nest is empty, so I say, “Let’s give this a whirl!”

Seems there must be a few regulars on this excursion as the boat was packed by the time we got there about 15 minutes before departure, mainly with naked Germans. Clearly, I have no issue with naked, and I have many friends who are German, so the only reason this is noteworthy is that there is most certainly a propensity…

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